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K is for kryptonite


Imagine Superman without kryptonite. Let's face it, Superman is basically invincible. He's stronger than a speeding train, faster than a speeding bullet and… well, we all get the gist: he's basically unstoppable and unkillable.


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J is for jelly (yes, really)


One of the things I'm doing at the moment is planning Eleanor's 5th birthday party. What started out as a "small birthday tea with a surprise visitor" is turning into a full blown party with a Frozen theme.


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I is for inspiration


I'll admit I'm a little pushed for time today: entertaining my almost five year old, who is on school holidays; taking the puppy to the vets; shopping and birthday party prep. Therefore today's post might be a little bit of a cheat.


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H is for home


Where do you consider home to be?My husband would say that home is anywhere, as long as he's with Eleanor and I. In other words, family makes a home.For a long time, I always counted home as Malaysia.


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G is for grief


I apologise in advance, as this isn't going to be an amazingly upbeat post. I will try to keep it short, though.One of the key themes in the Hidden series is grief and how to deal with it. In Reaper's Rhythm, Kim and her family have to face the loss of her older sister, Charley.


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F is for fedora


Before Eleanor started school (and obviously before we moved), I'd often bump into a friend at the bus stop in Asda's car park, when I was shopping before picking Eleanor up from nursery. During one of our random conversations, said friend made a flippant comment about how every hero should wear a hat.


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Writing process blog hop


Thanks to Kat Ellis for tagging me to take part in this blog hop. I met the lovely Kat via Twitter. Turns out we're both UK young adult authors.Kat writes sci-fi, fantasy and thriller novels in the young adult genre.


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E is for Eleanor


I put a call out on Facebook and Twitter for help with today's letter and as soon as I hit "post" my brain went: hello? Your daughter's name starts with E. However, I'm sure you guys have heard enough about my Eleanor, so how about her namesake?When I was a lot younger, my parents took me to Snowdonia and showed me around several of the castles which used to form the so called 'iron ring'.


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