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Book review: The First Foods Book


This post is a little off topic. I know I've reviewed books on here before, but they've all been YA, fantasy, or both!However, as regular visitors know, I've been somewhat distracted by the newest addition to my family.

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Inside Out


Warning, there may be spoilers ahead!One thing I love about having children, is getting to go and see kids' films. Although, I have to admit, I was a bit indifferent to Inside Out. Sure, I'd seen the trailers.


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Preston Comic Con


Preston Comic Con is in it's second year and it was bigger and better than last year. Personally, I was pleased it had been moved to earlier in the year, as I was able to drive to and from it in daylight—always a big boost to my energy levels.


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Breaking the silence: an announcement


Apologies for being silent for quite some time, but as I explained back in February, I've had a good reason. Any parents out there (and anyone who has younger siblings) will hopefully understand how time intensive babies are.


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The multimedia experience


As an English teacher, I was always striving for ways to bring books to life, so that my students would enjoy delving into a book and analysing it as much as possible. A great way of doing that was through the use of multimedia: Watching and creating book trailers; Comparing the book with its film counterpart; Casting book characters; Creating Facebook pages; Turning a scene or a chapter into a script; Acting out a scene or a chapter.

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The best reason for procrastinating?


Before Christmas I announced that the fourth and final book in the Hidden series would be delayed, because I was pregnant. Whilst I'd love to be writing a blog post giving you a definite release date for book four, right now I can't.


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To all my ex-pupils - I didn't lie to you!


If English teachers were paid £1 every time a pupil or parent asked, "How can I get better at English?" they'd probably be rich and able to retire young. I was asked the same question every parents' evening without fail, multiple times.


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An announcement regarding Hidden: Book 4


I've put this post off for far longer than I should have done, but I can't delay any longer. So, here goes...I'm having to delay the release date of the fourth and final book in the Hidden series.When I released Reaper's Rhythm: (Hidden: Book 1) at the end of July 2013, I was confident I could deliver the rest of the series at a pace of one book every six months.

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