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Do independent authors price ebooks too low?


This morning, Amazon sent an email out to independent authors who publish ebooks through them, asking them to weigh in on the argument between Amazon and Hachette. If you're not aware of what's going on, Amazon is trying to 'convince' Hachette to charge less for its ebooks.


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The blogs I hung out on during launch day


    I tried to think of a snappier title for this post, but failed, so I went descriptive instead.Yesterday was the official launch day for Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3) and I got to hang out on some great blogs.


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Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3) is here


It's the official release day for the third and penultimate instalment of my YA Urban Fantasy series, Hidden. Throughout the day, I'll be visiting other blogs and generally hanging out on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #Hidden3.


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A preview of Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3)


I got the thumbs up on Facebook and Twitter, so I thought I'd share the first part of the opening chapter of Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3) with you. I'm so excited that it's going to be available for you to buy tomorrow.


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Happy book launch day to Monica La Porta


Monica was one of the first writers I met when I entered the world of social media. Not only is she a wonderful writer, she's a lovely, kind, helpful person as well. I'm sure many of you will know Monica's writing through the Ginecean Chronicles, her thought provoking dystopian series where men are slaves within a matriarchal society.


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Introducing Shrouded Soul's book trailer


In my last post, I explained why I'd chosen not to make my own book trailer this time and how I found a voice for Kim. Today, I'd like to unveil the amazing book trailer for Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3).


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Finding a voice for Kim


I've go to admit, I wasn't planning on doing a book trailer for Shrouded Soul (Hidden: Book 3). I made my own trailers for Trinity and the first two Hidden books (Reaper's Rhythm and Broken Bargain), but none of them were successful at marketing tools.


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Things I've learnt in two years of being an author-publisher


First, thanks to Chuck Wendig for the term author-publisher.It's been roughly two years since I published Trinity and what a journey it's been since then. In a couple of weeks, I'll be releasing my fourth book (the third book in the Hidden series) and shortly after that I'll be heading off to WorldCon as a trader.

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